Monday, 15 June 2009

Card for a little one

This card was one of my simple lets do it in 20 minute cards. I had only a little time to make it before the party!
I used one of the fab toppers from Ruth at Tip Top Toppers but wanted something different for the background. I spotted some fabric and we went from there. The fairy is sewn onto the fabric with a few simple stitches and the fabric is then machine sewn to the card. I think it went down well anyway!


Tip Top said...

'Spotted some fabric' hehehehehe!! And its spotty fabric! Great little quick card!!

Anonymous said...

Loving that card! Really Sweet.

I love Bumble! How fab is that, having your own camper van! If we had fewer children I think I'd be seriously pestering D for one.
Have you ever come accross a blog called We Heart Ladybird?
I look forward to reading about adventures with Bumble ;)