Wednesday, 10 June 2009

To do list

More of a 'I would like to do these things this week but some definitely have to be done' list. Most of the stuff has been sorted for 'The Exciting Thing' and it's just a matter of waiting until Sunday :) Hence the list as I want to keep busy :)

In no particular order * denotes something that has to be done.

Make a card for a party we are going to this evening*
Wrap presents for said party*
Continue embroidering the cute little animals for the eventual quilt
Make a start on another mixed media piece
Sort out what sold from the craft fair at the weekend and restock my Etsy and Folksy shops
Move the bags of stuff for the charity shops out of the kitchen into the dining room*
Put away the mountain of washing in our bedroom*
Change our sheets*
Sort out some sewing to take to the party tonight so I can sew and chat while the kids play*
Sort out the recycling*
Do at least 2 posts a day for Cuteable this week*
Write an article for an online magazine*
Move boxes of stock back up to the craft room*
Go through Flickr and look at what hasn't been listed yet - this is always on my to do list!
Empty the dishwasher*
Sort the stuff that I made for the fair that hasn't been photographed yet and get it photographed
Sort at least one more black bag of stuff for the charity shop

Plus lots more I'm sure I haven't thought of yet!

These tags are 1 of the new things that need listing in my shops!


Kim Dellow said...

That is a to do list and a half :) Bit like mine at the moment. Good luck with it. Let us hope we can cross somethings off it tonight! Kim

jennyflower said...

Wow, that's impressive! Can I be cheeky and offer to do a list for a cuteable- no links needed I just enjoyed it so much last time!

The Candy Shoppe said...

wow you have a lot to do but I have belive get it done! :)

ei! kumpel said...

busy bee!! :)

Tip Top said...

Oh dear! That is a scary list!! I hate doing things like that cos it just looks terrible. But then great when I start ticking things off. But then I add more...........

I will invent a time machine one day. Honest!