Thursday, 18 June 2009

Phew - busy day and clearance section

I spent most of the morning getting my Dawanda shop back up to speed. It had been shut since November when I had that nasty stomach bug and most of the listings ran out in January. So now everything is up to date over there and I will be adding new things throughout this week and next. Speaking of adding things I went through all of my Flickr photographs (all 2,987 of them!) to find the ones that hadn't been listed in any of my shops yet. I have 254 photographs in the set waiting to be added to shops! That's not 254 items I hasten to add because each item has at least 3 photographs of it (if not more) but by my reckoning that is around 80 items to list! I'm not making any more things until those are listed!!

To aid the massive influx of items into my shops I am having a big clear out in my Etsy shop and things in my clearance section are now down to $1. Yep really, $1! Here are some of those $1 items (the chicken cards at the top of the page are included too!)

Some recycled envelopes made from a French magazine.

Some pig silhouette cards

And some knitting envelopes. There are also more things and as I get listing I'm sure other things will be going into it.

P.S. it poured down when we were out in Bumble earlier so I now know where the windscreen wipers are!

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Anonymous said...


I LOVED your tutorial on making the padded envelopes - it has solved my problem of posting a lot of my items in that size satchel, wanting to recycle & having lovely old books around - voila !

Thankyou !

Katherine x