Saturday, 27 June 2009

Cleaning ALL day

And when I say ALL day I do really mean ALL day. I'm knackered but at least the house looks presentable. Just some last toys to move and the hoovering to be done in 2 rooms and then that is it. I'm relaxing now by listing some more things in my Dawanda shop - the self employed never stop working :D

Photo credit - Dr_loplop


Sylvia C. said...

You soooooo have that right about the self-employed. The good thing is, we usually ENJOY our work!

Congrats on your cleaning spree!


urban craft said...

Just think though how much time will be freed up for crafting once all the cleaning is done! I hate having to schedule between the two.

Tip Top said...

Nooooooooooooo!!!! What a waste of a day! But well done for doing it - you have better determination than me! said...

Your house must be the cleanest in Lancashire! You're always cleaning and loaded up with bin liners! :-) You'll feel great when its all complete. Enjoy the party! :-)