Monday, 28 June 2010

Folksy party - the full details!

Right, you have already seen my stall so it is time to show off everyone else's. First though have a look at the space in Keighley Arts Factory - it's great and the light was very good too.

From one end

And looking back from the other. If you are wondering what the sheep are in the middle of the space then look here. I can guarantee that they look great in real life too!

In no particular order here are the stalls.

My Furoshiki

Angels and Butterflies

Mrs Sew and Sew

A.Deegan. I think my next purchase may have to be one of her 'Betty's Hen' prints!

Dig The Earth

Print For Love Of Wood

Ruby Spirit Designs

Buri Boo

And I have a confession to make - I haven't got a photograph of Kirsten (Quernus Crafts) stall as every time I got my camera out she had people there. And everyone knows you don't disturb a crafter when they have people at their stall! I know Kirsten took a picture of her stall so I will try and grab one for you later.

Also there were some Folksy folk who attended who didn't have stalls. Laura's Little Lovelies, Sadi Soul and Dichroic Dazzle, who should get special mention as she travelled all the way up from Birmingham! If I've forgotten anyone then let me know!

As well as setting up stalls so we could show off our work we also had two workshops to attend. Wax batik run by Jo of Glassprimitif (who incidentally organised the event too) and a Letterpress workshop run by Jax of Print For Love Of Wood. Both were excellent and below you can see what I made in the Wax Batik workshop.

Not bad for a first attempt I thought!

I also didn't leave empty handed and bought a couple of things too :)

A gorgeous button print (that just had to be mine) from Dig The Earth and a cute Santa cat from Quernus Crafts. I'd been eyeing up the print for ages and was then mortified when I thought Mich from My Furoshiki had bought it - luckily she was just holding it so she could look at the equally gorgeous butterfly print behind! Phew!

Well that was a mammoth post - pat yourself on the back if you got to the end :)


jax said...

Your batik work is very impressive!!
It was great fun and great to meet everyone, can't wait for the next one :)
Glad you took some pics as I forgot in all the excitement! I'll send everyone over to look at yours :)

haptree said...

Sounds like a great event! Some fab looking tables too!

Tweed Delights said...

Looks like a great event - brilliantly documented too! :D Your artwork is very impressive!

Rebecca said...

It looks like it was a fantastic event! The tables are all amazing, I couldnt pick a favourite!

twiggypeasticks said...

Looks great, I'm going to have a good nosey at the sellers later
Twiggy x

june at noon said...

Looks great, and I'd say that's an excellent first at the batik!

Adien Crafts said...

What a great event, and thanks for the photo's of everyone's stalls, love your purchases by the way, Di x

Quernus Crafts said...

Thanks for doing such a comprehensive roundup of a lovely day, Lynsey! I am very happy with my new wee chook - it really was a tough decision, and no doubt I'll be back for the other two I had to sadly leave behind :)

Thanks to everyone who came along to make this a day to remember, and hopefully the first of many!

Kirsten x
PS Will email you a picture of my stall - it was the first outing of my new banner, after all :)

Dig The Earth said...

Great write up Lynsey! I'm still plucking up courage to start mine. Glad you like your button print :D


Glassprimitif said...

Your photos are great! I bought two prints from Alison's stall too.