Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday mending

Today I mended a dress.It wasn't intentional - I'd managed to walk up to school this morning with a huge rip in the front of my dress. It's very floating and not always obvious :) Well that's what I like to think anyway!

Hence the patch that was sewn on when I returned from the school run. I couldn't find the red and white fabric I wanted (perhaps I imagined it) so the stripey will do nicely in it's place. Oh and a word of warning, don't be expecting a mending Monday post every week even though my mending pile is huge! Today was a one off. Until I put it on my to do list of course!!


Rachel Lucie Johns said...

very 'make do and mend', good for you! (struggling to remember the last time I mended/sewed something....)

CurlyPops said...


GiddyStuff said...

That's a good match, Monday Mending sounds like a good idea, might motivate me to do the pile on the back of the dining room chair!