Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The new improved garden

If you go back a few posts you will see the patch of mud that was left after mum and dad took out the raised bed for me :) Not a pretty sight but far better than it was. On Sunday we decided to make it pretty so I was out there at ten o'clock digging. This is what it looks like now - I'm very pleased with it :)

Looking at it from the driveway

As you come round the corner to the back door

My new herb planter! A bargain at £7.50 and I have been using the mint everyday this week to have in chilled fruit tea - nice with lots of ice!

Lavender and honeysuckle in my new planter

The girls each chose a plant - I wonder if you can guess whose is whose :)

And we bought a pepper plant. There are a fair few peppers on it and we have already harvested 2 of them. Fingers crossed it grows well as we eat an awful lot of peppers!


Pins and Needles said...

a pepper plant!!! wicked! i love peppers especially the orange/yellow ones. i now feel very jealous and want one too :)

nice improvement on the garden, gardening is hard work so well done :)

Bagladee said...

It looks lovely, I have a herb planter too but the snails keep eating my sweet basil (i think its their favourite) x

blissknits said...

Your garden's looking great! Hope the sun keeps on shining and you and the family can get out and enjoy it. x

Crystal Velvet said...

I know who chose the yellow one!!