Friday, 6 May 2011


Our front garden is only small but it overlooks a lovely park so we get added greenery for free! It's very overgrown at the moment but that's ok. Actually it's just had an hour of us all out there pulling up weeds and plants that we don't like so it's less overgrown than it looks here! The said plants spread like mad and we spend at least half a day each year pulling up the bloody things.

Our Magnolia (?) flowered for the first time this year and it's very pretty. So far it has had 3 flowers but I'm hoping for more next year.

Also found in the garden was Mr Thistle who had managed to grow to a foot and a half! That's the trouble with letting your garden go a bit wild - thistles and dandelions thrive :)


mythreetrees said...

I have given some thought to growing a lovely magnolia. Yours looks really sweet and such a beautiful flower. Gardening is very therapeutic.

moleymakes said...

My neighbour has a magnolia tree in her back garden and every year it blooms beautifully.

Like you our front garden is a bit overgrown and being overtaken by nasty brambles. They'll be gone in a couple of weeks as we've been using some weedkiller to get rid of them once and for all rather than cutting them back all the time.

I'm a bit funny when it comes to gardening as I keep putting thongs off but then once I get started I rather enjoy it, or rather I enjoy the results :)

WendyCarole said...

your garden is lovely. I left our thistle last year. My excuse? The bees liked the flowers