Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Creative Space

Well this is what it was going to be but Tara has been sent home from school so I may only get a small chance to do anything!

I was planning to finish off these tags, photograph them and get some of them listed today. Instead I might have to move onto plan B which was to create some space (see what I did there!) in Taz so we can get all the stuff that came out of Bumble away. Tara might like doing that as she has a special cushion for Taz and we can then put it away in the right place :)

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*Staci* said...

I just found your blog through My Creative Space and LOVE your tags. The little roosters are adorable. :)

june at noon said...

Hope Tara's feeling better--and that you got a little something done, too!

Sheep Rustler said...

I also found your blog through Creative Spaces and have to agree that the rooster tags are delicious!!

Lisa said...

tags are awesome love the rooster too

Sally said...

I had that on Monday, my daughter was off school (miraculous recovery by 10am), but it made me concentrate on the cleaning so that day at least I had a clean house! Love the roosters xx

Seaweed and Raine said...

Just found you through MCS. Love your tags. Esp the type behind the rooster - it really makes it!