Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Rule*

*self imposed and may be hard to stick to new rule but hey, the thought is there!

Tee shirt from here

Yesterday instead of getting straight on the computer as soon as we picked the girls up from school I sat and did some work. I got a little bit done - not much as we were all watching Dumbo and I had to snuggle my sensitive girl during the sad bits. But I also got the tea ready at a reasonable time, tidied the kitchen, made the lunches for today, sorted some recycling and hoovered the floor - mopping is for another day. I am very busy with work stuff at the moment so the house stuff is slipping and it is driving me mad as I just don't have the time to sort it all out. So I am thinking that between 3.30pm when the kids get home from school and 7.00pm when the kids go to bed, I won't even pick up my computer. I can do work as long as it's not computer work. Sound good? I think so and so does my sofa in the dining room that is drowning under a huge pile of clean clothes that are waiting to go away!


Shabby Chick said...

Ooh good luck, I think I need to do something like that too! Love the teddy quilts in one of your other posts :)

Mel xxx

Vintage from the Village said...

mmm know what you mean. Trouble is I try and crack on with some housework and tidying in the morning but by about 9.30 I just cant rest resist checking emails and Ebay and then I slip on to blogs and facebook and then the morning is gone.
I need more willpower !
Sue x

Twiggy said...

You probably won't see this as you're not on your computer :P but would you come and sort my house out please? It looks like we've been burgled!!
Twiggy x

Bugged Designs said...

Good luck with your new rule! I'm also trying to get into some kind of routine (my children are 11 months and 4 years), I am due back at work in a few weeks so going to have even less time to fit everything in - the computer and "blog-land" are very good as sucking you in - I've been catching up on blogs for about an hour so far and should probably actually be asleep!

PrairiePeasant said...

I think I need a rule like that too! Seems like I sit down at the computer for "just a minute" which turns into an hour far too often.