Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A new family member!

A new member of the Swirlyarts family arrived at the weekend - she is called Taz and is a beauty :) Want to see some pictures?

See I said she was a beauty :) She is a 1999 T4 high top campervan and she now belongs to us! Although we love Bumble (our 1988 yellow campervan) so much, he is not right for our family any more and so he will be going to a new home (hopefully soon!) If any one wants more details about him then leave a comment and I can pass on the details of the garage who now have him. Want to see some more pictures of Taz?

This is where the girls will sleep in the high top part of the van (Bumble has a pop top meaning that the roof pops up whereas Taz's roof is always up) We have bought them a new memory foam mattress for up there and as Taz is fully winterised they will be nice and snuggly :)

This is where we will sleep - on seats that turn into a bed :) As well as being fully winterised there is a diesel heater so with those two combined we should be able to make more use of Taz throughout the whole year rather than just when it is warmer - yeah!

The seats when up - they have the addition of full 3 point seat belts too which is always a bonus - Bumble had lap belts for the girls.

Part of the kitchen view and you can see why she is called Taz with the red sticker :) We'll have to You Tube videos of the cartoon so they girls know what we are waffling about when we sing the theme tune!

Another view

View of the fridge and bed when down from out the back of Taz.

And a better view of the kitchen area. All of these photographs have been taken by the previous owner as a) it has poured down since we picked her up and the light has been crap b) she is full of stuff that has moved over from Bumble and c) we haven't had time to put all that stuff away as we are still deciding where to put everything!

Taz also has a bike rack on the back and a rack on the side of the high top for a surfboard. I'm planning on using that in some way to get extra stuff back from the brocantes and vide greniers of France but don't tell Matt, ok?


Emily said...

Oh wow! I am sooooo jealous! For the past couple of years I've dreamt of having a camper van / converted van.

Hoping I can travel with you virtually through the blog?!

Twiggy said...

Ooo how lovely, I'd like a camper van like Peppa Pig's :) Have a lovely camper summer!
Twiggy x

Wendy said...

Taz looks amazing! Happy camping :-)

Mr Swirl said...

It's a HE not a she!!!

Tip Top said...

Awww! Sad to see Bumble go but looking forward to a ride in Taz!!

"ethel" said...

Finally! I have time to read about Taz. He's ace!! Looks like there's loads more space for you to fill...I mean spread out and be comfy in. Hope you have many cosy nights.
I've got to create a fleecey liner to 'Winterise' the pop-top in Bo. It does get a bit chilly sleeping up there in the Spring.