Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Busy weekend

We had such a busy and productive weekend and the Spring weather is on the way so we spent an awful lot of time outside too which was nice. The girls are getting much more confident on their scooters so we are hoping this summer to tackle bikes without stabilisers! One of the jobs we did tackle was more storage for Anyas ever increasing book collection, and we actually started and finished a job in one day which is not like us at all!!

Ta Da! Anya has a high bed and this space here just had pictures hanging which can easily go somewhere else - and book shelves are always useful in this house :)

And here is her bed complete with cushion from Auntie Sarah, her reading light, her white book box which was crammed full of books and was threatening to fall off and of course, Bozo Bear!

She had great fun arranging all of her books into order.

And although she has plenty of proper bookmarks, like me she ends up using whatever is to hand.

Lolly sticks, random bits off a cereal packet and some of my crafting materials! I'm surprised there isn't a tissue in there too :)


Glassprimitif said...

Looking at the amount of books, you may need to build more shelves for Anya soon! But as I always say, you can't have enough books.....

Tweed Delights said...

Great to get the kids rooms sorted . . . and breathe, hehe! That's a whole lot of books :)