Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pretty wallpaper

This wallpaper has been saved from some wallpaper samples books from the scrapstore. Most of the wallpaper I collect gets used to cover the fronts of jiffy envelopes to re-use them again but some is just too pretty for that. This wallpaper (and the pile underneath it) are waiting patiently for the day when we re-do our bedroom. We have been in this house nearly 10 years and none of the rooms (bar the bathroom and study) have been decorated/changed to our tastes. We are doing the front room and dining room this year (hopefully) so our bedroom is a long way off but the wallpaper can wait patiently!


Tip Top said...

Ah, I know the feeling.... nearly 13 years and still got bare bulbs in some rooms!!

Daisie said...

You see now I don't feel so bad, we might be 13 years in but we have demolished and rebuild every room in the house, it may be missing small bits of architrave and such but not bad methinks!! Keeping my fingers crossed for your front room :)

MrSwirl said...

It's NOT going up in our bedroom