Thursday, 29 March 2012

The numbers involved in skirt re-vamping

Bet you didn't know there were so many numbers involved in skirt re-vamping did you? Well there are!

The aforementioned skirt!

20 - the number of English pennies I had to spend to get this skirt (I know - bargain!)

16 1/2 - the amount (in cm) of fabric cut off the bottom of the skirt to transfer it from frumpy into nice :)

36 - the number of pins used to hem the new hemline

10 - the number of minutes needed to sew the new hemline as I had to keep stopping to remove pins!

less than 1cm - the seam allowance on the new hem hence why I needed so many pins!

8 - the number of pincushion chickens I can make from the piece of offcut fabric :)

39 - the number of business cards I can make from that same offcut.

5 - the number of twirls needed to determine that the skirt is now the right length!

2 - the number of skirts left to shorten  :D

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WendyCarole said...

and then the number that changes: how many times you wear the aforementioned skirt

LittlemouseLilly said...

It always amazes me the amount of people that remove pins when sewing - as I was taught to leave them.

Would love to see your skirt that fabric looked lovely :)

Swirlyarts said...

Normally I leave the pins but as the hem was so tiny and the material flimsy I had to pin horizontally rather than vertically and therefore couldn't sew over the pins! Well not without lots of broken needles!

LittlemouseLilly said...

That makes sense I have been known to go to the extreme length of actual tacking (something I tend to avoid) before when pins were not really an option.

Its just something I have noticed while watching tutorials the whole taking pins out thing I always think why - I was taught to sew and machine by my Mum who would have been seen as the older generation I think its the old tricks that are being lost and people to scared to just do it.