Friday, 23 March 2012

New things in my hallway

As well as putting up new shelves in Anyas room at the weekend we hung some pictures in the hallway. One we have had for over a year but the rest came from the big jumble sale in February so again having them up just a mere month after we bought them is good!

I also tidied up the book area which is just underneath these pictures - it looks better now and works which is always good!

The two pink roofed houses next to the big bookcase are perfect for smaller books :) I'd been looking for a house shaped bookcase for a while and knew that these ones would have to come home with me when I spotted them for £2 in a charity shop :)

The book corner! The pink chair used to be mine when I was a little girl and the large cushions are there temporarily until we find a decent rug for that space.

Although we will have to add a lot more pictures soon as we bought a boxful at the auction yesterday!

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