Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter egg decoration time

The girls are still at school for 4 days this week and it's time for the annual Easter egg competition. This year is famous people (as I'm sure it was last year!) Anya chose an actual person and Tara chose someone from TV. See if you can guess who they are! Anya's egg first.

Have you guessed who these guys are?

Fancy windows? Stone bricks? Who lives in a house like this?

Whoever it is likes wearing a crown and sits on a throne on a red carpet. Have you guessed yet?

Of course - the Queen in Buckingham Palace guarded by Beefeaters!*

Now Tara's which is a bit trickier unless you are a fan of 80's cartoons!

Hmmmmm - tricky isn't it? The people in this seem to be in some sort of wood/forest.

A masked horse? A girl wearing a tiara/crown? Some sort of Princess maybe?

And this? The red bits are lasers if that helps? Answer below!

The egg is She-Ra (Princess of Power and twin sister to He-man) with Swiftwind (her horse) They are hiding in Whispering Woods from a Horde Destcructo tank! Well done if you got that one :)

*We explained about the difference between Beefeaters and the guards who wear bearskin hats in front of the palace and she understood although is still going to call them Beefeaters as she reasoned that most of her class won't know the difference!


WinnibriggsHouse said...

They are both great and its lovely to see what different ideas they come up with. I will be having my grandsons for a few days over the holidays and this looks a great project for the older one to do! I think Charlie at 22 months would rather eat the eggs than decorate them at the moment.

dropstitch said...

I guessed She-Ra straight away! You've got a couple of good eggs there (boom boom)