Monday, 11 March 2013

New postcards!! New postcards!!

As many of you will know I make my own business cards and while they are fabulous and I will keep making them, the idea of making lots of them for BCTF was a little bit daunting! So after speaking to two lovely friends Leigh and Tracy (who are both doing BCTF) I decided to have some postcards printed. And here are the results!

 The front of the cards :) They are made from recycled cardboard so aren't shiny at all which I like.

And the back with all my details on. There is also room for people to scribble notes on - perfect for noting down which items they liked :)

And the ever important recycled logo which is essential for Swirlyarts :) I've ordered plenty so they may well make it to future events too!


say it said...

These are fantastic. They really show off the range of things you make. Hope the rest of the preparations are going well.

WendyCarole said...

I love postcards and yours are great :)

Tip Top said...