Friday, 22 March 2013

Food from Pinterest

As you may well know by now I am an avid pinner - I resisted for a long time but then just couldn't any more! This week I have been trying out some of the things from my Food board - great for when you want inspiration. I've already posted about the kale crisps (which reminds me, spinach must go on the shopping list!) and I have had mixed success with some others from there.

The first thing I tried were these two ingredient biscuits.

We often seem to have a surplus of over ripe bananas in our house and the girls were getting a bit sick of banana bread so these seemed like a good idea. They were ok - a bit meh but edible. The first mistake I made was to add more oats then specified - I won't do that next time! I'm going to try them again with some honey (the originals didn't really taste of anything other than oats) and maybe some raisins or cranberries. I may also try chocolate chips as an alternative. It's too good an idea to give up on so I'm going to try different things until they are a success!

We love Chinese food in our house but our local Chinese is very expensive so I was keen to try this home made chicken fried rice. It was delicious and will be featured in heavy rotation on our meal plans for the foreseeable future! I used fresh carrots rather than frozen and I have to say that using the sesame oil made the world of difference to the taste. I didn't use anywhere near as much rice as was called for and even with the reduced rice we had enough leftover for me and Matt to eat for lunch the next day! A big thumbs up to this one!

This is as simple as it looks - bananas and Nutella (or generic Asda chocolate spread!) I couldn't be bothered to get my blender out so I added a bit of milk to mine as I was using a stick blender in a jug and I wanted it a bit more liquid. I'm going to make this again but with those lolly maker plastic things for the girls for summer :) It was nice by the way with a good blend of banana and chocolate. I also didn't measure out the chocolate spread and just used what was left in the jar!

These Greek style turkey burgers were delicious! The feta cheese added a great flavour and the seasoning was good too. I didn't add olives as we didn't have any and next time I would use regular bread buns instead of pitta. The amounts needed made 4 thick burgers - you could opt for thinner burgers and have some chips etc as a side. We didn't need anything with our burgers though and we were all full afterwards!

This vegetable tian was nice but would have been better as a side dish to something like chicken or fish - there wasn't enough there to feed all 4 of us and our picky eater only ate the potatoes! The blogger is spot on though about the correct amount of seasoning - it would have been fairly boring without adequate salt, pepper and thyme. Also the trick of adding foil to the roasting veg does make them sweeter - who knew! I also used the oven on gas mark 7 (not gas mark 6 as in the recipe) and I ended up cooking them for a lot longer (about half an hour longer) so bear this in mind of you are having it as a side and don't want to ruin the rest of the meal!

So that is my round up of meals tried from Pinterest - this Tiffin is next to be tried! Do you make meals from Pinterest finds? Which are your favourites?

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WinnibriggsHouse said...

Some good ideas there. Like the sound of the rice and the Nutella ice cream. Definitely two to try.