Thursday, 16 May 2013

A couple of things

It seems that Harry approves of my messy desk! I didn't look at his face while taking this so I didn't see if it was disgust or joy at my messy desk. Or maybe indifference, he is a dog after all!

I also did some mending. This dress has had a stain on the boob for a while that was really obvious (I think the previous owner dripped tomato soup down herself!) and while I wore it a couple of times, it was glaringly obvious. The pocket came from an old apron that had a hole in it (the rest has been used for chickens which you will see soon) and while it doesn't match at all, it looks quite good. It doesn't jar quite so much in real life :) I'm probably going to wear it today so I'll try and grab a photo.

That's my two things - do you have anything nondescript and not that exciting going on in your life at the moment?

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