Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Our lobby is being used an awful lot more at the moment due to Harry Dog, the fact that all of my veggies are out in the front garden and that it's been playing out weather. Which usually leads to this.

Shoes everywhere, scooters that can't fit where they are meant to because shoes are in the way and more shoes. The big long cushion thing is from Taz the campervan before he was renovated.  Very useful for stopping bottoms getting cold when sitting on the doorstep! It, along with the canes, has been moved back to where it belongs!

Solution? Buy a cheap shoe rack from Argos, fill it with shoes, put the hats away on the hat rack (I know!) and move the shoes that shouldn't really be there to the back door where there is a much bigger shoe rack!

And after only taking 25 mins (10 of that was getting the packaging off the shoe rack!) I now have a lobby I can walk through. I wonder if the rest of the house can be sorted in 25 minute chunks!

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Nic said...

Ooh, doesn't it feel fab to have a tidy-up. I find if the hallway is tidy, it helps me feel happier about the rest of the house. If I open the front door and see chaos everywhere, I am grumpy before I'm even over the door-step!