Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wormery tales

As you may remember from this post we got a wormery for a bargain price :) The worms arrived the other day and as you can see, Harry looked quite interested!

He had a good sniff but didn't seem to want to eat them which is quite good!

The starter pack I bought had some worm bedding in it that you soaked in water and it magically turned into this compost type stuff that the worms like burying in.

And here are just some of the worms. I left the lid off as worms don't like the light and this was to encourage them to burrow into the bedding. We've fed them twice so far but the food has to be decomposing slightly as worms don't have teeth so fresher apples might not be good for them to chomp on! I have ordered a composting bin for the kitchen so that their dinner can start to mould etc in the kitchen for a few days before we put it put for them.

 I have to resist the urge to keep checking on them whenever I walk past it though - sad or what!


WendyCarole said...
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WendyCarole said...

I quite often lift the lid on ours just to say hello :)

CharR said...

I just started my wormery yesterday! So a month behind you. How's it going? I just put some cheese in which I'm a bit worried about as now read that you shouldn't give them dairy but can't bring myself to dig it out!