Friday, 9 January 2009

Charity shop finds

Not many from my trip into town yesterday as I didn't visit all the shops (only 4) but here are some pics of what I found.

Yep - I think this jumper is genuine muppet fur!! Just kidding - it's really knitted with that very fluffy wool. I will wear this at least once and then I will gauge the reaction to it. I couldn't leave it in the shop though as it was too fluffy and had to come home with me. You can see in the picture below that it is blue and pink.

I got these trousers too for Tara although to be honest I think they will fit Anya as they are rather large.

They have these strange buckles round the bottom of the legs that will come off (but I will keep them to re-use on something!)

And this is partly why I bought them although I'd spotted them from the other side of the room and was attracted to their colour before I saw the brand.

I also bought a French dress for Anya that proved to difficult to photograph and a new toy for Tara - it's a baby Tad that plays classical music to her as she falls asleep. She had one but it was ruined by the amount of dust that the plumbers generated - and the 'new' one was only £1 so we couldn't really refuse!!

I also got this book - I spotted the illustrations first but then the title sucked me in too. Who could resist 50 million sausages???

Right - I'm off to tidy the kitchen and utility room this morning and try and sort out all the crap that has accumulated in both rooms. Wish me luck!!


Andreanna said...

hehe no one can resist teh pull of 50 million sausage!

twiggypeasticks said...

I've not had the chance to go charity shop scouring for ages, I love it. The illustrations in your book are great. You also look v.fab in your previous post, whit woo (that's a whistle)thrifty lady.
Twiggy x

Sneddonia said...

Love the muppet fur :) Those little trousers are great too - I think you should leave the "strange buckles" on :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thats a lot of sausages o.0

Tip Top said...

Hahahhahah!!! Muppet fur & sausages - fantastic!

Missa said...

Awesome book!