Sunday, 11 January 2009

Tidy study!!

I'm still amazed that we got so much done yesterday - all the expenses are now up to date, lots of washing was done and the whole of the study was tidied and cleaned. I didn't get a before shot of the study as we were keen to get stuck in and get it sorted! Here it is afterwards though :)

This is as you are looking in from the doorway - if you want to see more details of any of these pictures (with notes - you know you can't resist!!) then head over to my Flickr.

This is over towards the window which looks out right over the park.

This is the computer area :) With even more bookcases.

Looking towards the area with the games consoles set up and the pile of stuff that needs to stay in the study but we have no where else to put it pile!

And back round to the doorway!

And the reason it got tidied so quickly is that we moved a lot of the stuff that is crafty stuff through to my craft room next door which now looks like this.

Under that big pile of crap (although you won't believe me) is a sofa bed!! Which is eventually going to my sister so that I can have a worktable for my sewing machine to live on as it currently lives in the dining room :) My aim is to move the stuff back into the study (yes really) so that I can sort through it all and put it away in the right places. The sofa bed will be coming out and I'm hoping to get to Ikea at some stage to get a worktabley thing! Exciting things are happening Chez Swirly!


Tweed Delights said...

Pheeeeeeeewwww :D! Well done!

CurlyPops said...

OMG you have been busy! I can't believe how many books you have...wowee.
It will be so lovely to have your very own crafty space.

Jennifer Rose said...

well done on the cleaning :) there is so much stuff on the couch in the living room there isn't anything to sit on lol

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

hahaha The state of that craft room... Magic! Looks like mine. Well done on the study though. It looks amazing.
Can't wait to see the new table in your workroom, and the floor!

Buffy said...

WOW! you have done so much!

I envy you not! for all the work done and still ongoing but oh the craft space when done will be so Good!

It must be the new year buzz! :D
~ Buffy x x

I have Awarded you a Marie-Antoinette award for your blogging.

Read my post Marie-Antoinette to see what you can do next if you so choose to.

No offense taken if you choose not too, I know these linky Chain type things can be quite annoying for some lol.

Happy New year!!
~Buffy x x

Sneddonia said...

Well done on all the moving of stuff! It can be fun sometimes :) Also, you have *a lot* of books :D