Monday, 12 January 2009

Get rid of stuff Monday :)

Cor I've had a good day getting rid of stuff today!

To the tip;

a door (the old one from the bathroom)
two bags of general rubbish
lots of very wet cardboard
the cistern top that came with the new bathroom but was broken
lots of pieces of tiles
bits of wood that the plumbers left in the garden

To the charity shop;

a black bag of Tara's old clothes
4 board games that we don't play with anymore
a box of glassware that came with a boxed lot we bought at the auction and didn't want
a carrier bag of books
other bits and bobs that we found in the study
the old metal medicine cabinet

To the school;

a slide (for the nursery)
2 bags of toys for the toy sale :)

I've also just finished cleaning the utility room and the bread is on for tomorrow morning - life is good!!


Sylvia C. said...

Sounds very satisfying! Some people go for retail therapy, I like to have some Toss IT therapy!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Sylvia C.

Monica said...

don't!!! I have got a garage full of stuff to get rid off.

Now I feel lazy and guilty.

Cindy V. said...

Forgive me for asking...but, what is a tip? Trashbin?

I have been working on organizing and getting rid of things as well. It is a good thing to do to start the new year off right!

Swirlyarts said...

Cindy V - a tip is a landfill site or dump where you can take larger things like old fridges, general rubbish and ours has recycling facilities too.

Tip Top said...

Wow! A lot of my stuff is piled up in Jacobs room in bags ready to go to their new homes. Just need to get off me arse to sort that last bit out!!

Net said...

Leaves you feeling great doesn't it? Your whole world feels a little lighter after a good clear out - it's very inspiring to read about. Good luck with the organising and ikea work table!