Thursday, 21 May 2009

Custom badges

I was asked way back in January if I could make some custom badges for Jenny for A Makey 'Do' and she confirmed the numbers this week so my badge machine has been busy! Too busy in fact as it decided halfway through the batch to start eating the plastic covers that normally go onto the badges! Luckily Jenny was understanding about it and didn't mind some matte badges!

I also whipped up some sewn paper envelopes to house the badges as I had a few bits of old map that needed using up!

As you can see I made some maker, helper and do-er badges. I'm not showing you pictures of the actual badges as I want them to be a surprise for Jenny. I have also made some d0-er stickers for the children who attend the fair. Again I won't show you pictures but will show you the box that they are in.

Once Jenny says I can I will reveal the photographs of the badges and stickers. You may even see them over on A Makey Do once they get to Jenny.


Sylvia C. said...

even your envelopes are sweet!

can't wait to see those badges!

Sylvia C.

natural attrill said...

I really like the map bags!

jennyflower said...

Ooooooo, the badges are lovely and will indeed have a post on the Makey do blog. The badges will go onto the welcome place marker on the tables. I hope everyone really enjoys wearing them!

Fabric Nation said...

Looking forward to wearing mine!