Friday, 1 May 2009

La Pomme Stories

I have admired the work of Apol from La Pomme for a while and I read her blog too. I really like her other shop too La Pomme Sories where she writes beautiful fairy stories and turns them into gorgeous handmade books and cards that are then collaged. I was thrilled the other day to buy one of her fabulous pieces of work - I've tried before and they always sell out very quickly! I bought a Fairy tales for Children zine (there is one left if you are quick) and it is wonderful.

On the cover and in the book itself are pictures drawn by children from the early 1960's interspersed with the fairy tales themselves. The fairy tales are Petit Pierre, Jasmine, Lulu Leloup, Gustave, Loud Witch, The White Owl and Pale Berries. There is also a cute little sewn in bookmark with a charm attatched at the end - you can see the car at the end of the bookmark in the photograph in above.

And the attention to detail is fabulous - this is the back of the zine and features signatures of the children who drew the original pictures in the '60's.

Also included was this pocket fairy tale greetings card. I have featured Apol on Cuteable a few
times before (and who can blame me!) and this was included to say thank you - isn't that brilliant!* I'm not going to use it as a card though - it will be framed to go up with the artwork on my craft room wall!

The fairy tale is about Hale and Hearty Gardeners first Grandaughter and is quite sad and scary - just like traditional fairy tales are. Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood was actually a cautionary tale about going off with strange men (the Wolf) and what would happen if they did? I learnt that when training to be a teacher!

*I just have to say that I don't solicit things from people I feature on Cuteable and I get lots of offers of things to say thank you but I very rarely take them up. Matt thinks I'm mad for not taking the offers but I don't feature people on Cuteable for what I will gain, I feature them because I like to spread the word about gorgeous handmade goodies.


Tip Top said...

Lovely book and stories! Lucky you!

Tweed Delights said...

Lovely book - something to treasure : ) I didn't know that about Little Red Riding Hood!