Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Buns and a picture

Just strawberry buns I'm afraid - no buns of steel around here!

They look yummy but don't taste quite as yummy! I don't think I cooked them for long enough and maybe strawberries aren't meant to go into buns. The plate is from the jumble sale but from 2009.

This picture above is from the sale this year - a lovely watercolour painted in 1965. We have no idea where but it look like an Italian scene to me (having never been to Italy!)

This is my favourite bit - I would love to live in that house peeking over the tops of the trees to look down at the sea.

And in breaking news - the bags at the sale have gone up. It now costs £3 to fill a black bag! Still a great bargain though :) I am taking photographs of my bric a brac items this morning so I should be back soon with some more goodies!


Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! Buns!

Michelle said...

Ooh gorgeous plate!! Can't wait to see your bargains!! :o) x

GiddyStuff said...

Something about those paintings reminds me of Portmerion (one of my fave places in Wales)