Friday, 5 February 2010

Notebooks galore!

I am making notebooks at the moment and made a couple of custom ones yesterday - well I made one and started the other as the glue I used didn't want to dry at all! Then from the offcuts of the paper I made some of the mini matchbook notebooks that I send out as freebies to my lovely customers.

Here they are all stacked up nicely.

And here you can see the papers I used. I bought a whole load of scrapbooking papers when they were on special offer. It's a great weight for making the outsides of the matchbook notebooks!

Day 28 of crafting 365


Chloe' said...

Those notebooks are lovely! And i Love your chickens too! They're so cute (^_^)

Thankyou so much for stopping by my Blog! Just wanted to let you know, we picked 'Winnifred Winona' - Thankyou soo much for coming up with it!

Winona was a name picked by one of the lovely ladies over on Facebook. Dont they sound so sweet together? :o)

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Chloe x

Glassprimitif said...

Pretty books! I'm too lazy to make mine so I buy them to send out. Jo