Thursday, 18 February 2010

Rainbows and ironing

A nice pile of rainbow coloured fabric taken off a display hanger.

The said hanger with the fabric removed - the threads left behind make a very pleasing pattern - it's a bit tricky to see in the photograph but trust me it is pretty!

And actual ironing has taken place in my house today. Fabric ironing for crafty projects you understand and not the ironing you are supposed to do to your clothes!

Those little piles of fabric are destined to be made into pincushion chickens if I get off my backside and get sewing this afternoon - it's only 1pm here so there is hope yet :)

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Tip Top said...

Ooh. What is that strange electical thing on that board?! I've never seen one before!

Welcome back!

june at noon said...

What, you're supposed to iron clothes? Oops. I only press fabrics for sewing. ;)

I like that stripey fabric. I think it will make a really great chicken.

Michelle said...

Iron??? I'm happy to say i've not heard of that machine either :-p Love your cheeky chickens :o) can't wait to see these new little fellas :o) x

Brenda said...

I hate ironing, yesterday I decided to pile my mountain of clothes into a basket for someone else to do I have more time to sew lovely things!

I love your fabric stash.....that stripey fabric is yummy!

Wychbury said...

Hi Lynsey , I nominated you for a sunshine award :)
Paula x

TopCat76 said...

I think I must be an anomaly amongst crafters.... i actually quite like ironing!