Tuesday, 11 January 2011


My craft room is a tip and the to do list is getting longer and longer! The craft room has a mixture of stuff that can be put away easily (about 20%) and the other 80% is stuff that I need to do something with. I have a huge pile of cardboard waiting to be turned into gift tag backs for example but I can only punch out about 50 at a time dues to a) crap wrists and b) crap tag punch! I have nowhere to store the card when it isn't punched so it is sitting in a pile on the floor - along with with a whole load of other stuff. Last night though I did manage to get wallpaper ripped out of 3 sample books and put into a pile (yes on the floor!) The wallpaper is used for these

Matchbook notebooks that are a freebie when you buy something from me
And these

Previously used envelopes covered in wallpaper to make them pretty and usable again!
So you will be pleased to know that an hour this morning was spent using some of the wallpaper to cover the padded envelopes we got over Christmas. I still have a massive pile of paper though so I need to get cracking with some of the matchbook notebooks I think!


Noreen said...

If you punched an aluminum can several times or several layers of aluminum foil, might it sharpen your craft punch? And then you can punch through a few layers of waxed paper to lubricate the edges.

Nic said...

LOL Your craft room sounds like my dining room table/craft arena ;) If only we had more hours in the day, eh?