Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My workspace today

I'm a mean mummy and I made the girls clear off their craft table in the front room so I could use it last night and today :)

On the table today are, bottom right, 3 packs of finished envelopes. Top right, 7 more sets waiting to be stuck together and packaged. Far top left, some of the girls books they have been making and next to that is a pile of envelopes for me to use for sending out parcels - when they have been stuck together that is! Not seen (which is a task for later) are lots of sets of gift tags that need sticking.

Busy day planned and as these are going to a new stockist on Friday I'd better get my bum in gear!


Twiggy said...

Looks very orderly !! I have a pile of old Country Life and Homes and Gardens if you want them ? You'd have to collect from t'over the other side of the Pennines though :)
Twiggy x

dropstitch said...

Very neat and tidy! You have inspired me - I'm off to tidy my desk right now. Saw one of your chickens on whip up yesterday by the way. Yay!

june at noon said...

Taking over the girls' area now, you *are* mean! ;) Looks like good work, Lynsey. Good luck!