Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New sticker packaging

When I just used to sell my stickers online I didn't need to worry about packaging as I had photographs of the actual stickers so people could see what they were buying. This is what the stickers used to be packaged in.

Great for online selling but not so good for craft fairs! So this is what I have come up with - simple and could do with some tweaking but it will work fine for now :)

Close up - front view
Close up - back view
The see through packaging is a mixture of the bags I use to package up my gift tags and some sturdier packaging that you would recognise if you ever go to Ikea. You know the plastic bits that they put the price tags in on sofas etc? Well one of those came home with us on a bathmat (we hadn't realised!) so I grabbed it to reuse! I also have something similar that was in one of the wallpaper books I talked about yesterday. It's a lot better than the plastic bags I use for the gift tags but I doubt I will get something similar again - unless I go to Ikea any time soon :)

And don't worry about the original packaging being used - I use my mini envelopes for snack and trip money at school so all they need to be ready to be reused is a blank sticker!


june at noon said...

Looks good to me! You just need some sort of custom stamp to put on the labels to make your job easier. :)

Callisto said...

I agree with June. Great clear packaging but some kind of stamp or printed label would make it easier for you.