Thursday, 13 January 2011

Soda Bread - yum!

So the other day I was reading The Really Good Life and read about a quick and easy recipe for soda bread so I decided to make it! It's an unleavened bread so is really quick (40 mins) to make and it is really delicious - Matt and the girls thought so too! Go try it out!

My very rustic looking bread 


Anonymous said...

mmmm...I've been meaning to give this a go for ages, as I forgot to put the bread machine on last night, maybe today is the day!

Jo said...

I've made soda bread a couple of times - it's great when I forget to put bread on to rise in the morning and we want soup or something for dinner! Our recipe's here:

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

Glad you liked it! We think it's great too :)

Twiggy said...

I LOVE soda bread, When we are on holiday in Ireland, I scoff loads !!
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

I love baking bread, I have to try that recipe!

Camila F.