Friday, 21 January 2011


If you follow me on Twitter then you will have seen that on Monday I had a little friend helping me out while his mum had some things to do. I had lots of parcels to pack so he came up with me to the study while I wrote out address etc to send the said parcels to.

He really liked the Fisher Price school desk - especially banging the magnets around and posting them off the side of the spare bed!

He was also entranced when the phone rang as we have one of those old fashioned ones :)

What I had forgotten is how tricky it can be to get things done when you have a little one around - simple things like getting down twisty stairs with packaging and a baby to hold!!


Jo @ A life in lists said...

Tell me about it! I have more or less trying to achieve anything when I'm on toddler duty - I just have VERY busy Saturday mornings while his Daddy takes a turn.

Tip Top said...

But great when you hand them back!!!