Friday, 23 September 2011

Charity shop finds

I went to Skipton yesterday to see a potential stockist (she is interested! Wheeeee!) and I had a little time left over to visit the charity shops. Before going I had mentioned to the charity shop gods (they exist people!) that I would quite like some nice things to bring home to my family and they obliged me :) Want to see what I got?

Two books about Walter the Farting Dog for £1.99 and £2.49. The girls will love these :)

A trio of playmobil figures for 70p!

This book intrigued me and has a whole chapter about buttons which is why I bought it for £2.

A magazine to chop up for 30p. The chopped out images go into my inspiration/ideas book.

I also got this fabulous skirt - it's a thick jersey type material but doesn't cling, if that makes sense? The stripes go the 'wrong' way but to be honest if you are a UK size 16 then you are going to look like a UK size 16 no matter what you wear! And the best bit?? It's reversible!

It's blue striped on the other side with a pink stripe at the bottom and at the top :) It's from Seasalt originally where skirts start at £39.95 so I'm thinking that the £3 I paid was a good deal!

I also got some things for the girls for Christmas but don't want to show them here as the girls sometimes look at my blog :)


Rebecca said...

ooh you got some wonderful finds there! Seasalt clothing is my favourite, so well cut and organic too x

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I love the fact there are actually kids books about a farting dog!!! hilarious!

i cannaetell said...

Seasalt for a few quid? Definitley a good buy.

Twiggy said...

I need to know more about Walter the farting dog !!! Great buys.
Twiggy x

Daisie said...

We love Walter here too and I need to know all about the curious life of magical buttons!!! x