Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Creative Space - daydreaming

I won't actually be in my Creative Space today due to picking up a new car this morning, visiting a potential stockist this afternoon and attending a zine meeting this evening - busy day! So whilst driving to all these places I will be daydreaming (whilst paying close attention to the road of course!) about my front garden.

This is my front garden - there isn't much space as we live in a traditional Victorian house but I am determined to try and grow some things in there to eat. Eventually I would like a raised bed against the little wall on the left but that will be a long term goal. First I have to figure out what I want to plant, what we will eat and what will grow in our clay soil. Tomatoes don't grow well here and we have the worlds largest slug population in Burnley I think!

There are quite a few established plants that I don't really want to get rid of but we will see how that goes.

I have quite a bit of wasted space where pots could go so I will be researching what will grow well in pots. It's good to daydream!

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jax said...

Don't know wether you get sun at the front but Cherry Toms grown in hanging baskets are great, plus strawberries and they taste amazing! Just have to feed and you get loads ;) Well out or reach of slugs!
Jax x

june at noon said...

Happy daydreaming!

As I was reading your site, my daughter saw your chicken avatar and said, "That looks just like the one you have!" I explained to her that you *made* the one I have. :) She also thinks Lynsey is a very nice name.

theothermousie said...

We used to grow loads in our front garden, rocket, cabbages and sweetcorn all grew quite successfully in a small space. This year we grew some round carrots that are great to grow in pots as they don't need the same depth as the more traditional ones do! Good luck x

Tracey said...

I have so many gardening dreams too!! But I'd have a hard time with your front garden, because (living in North America) I find it so charming!! good luck - I hope that you grow many wonderful dreams!