Thursday, 15 September 2011

My Creative Space - yet more chickens!

As like last week my Creative Space has been the same for the past couple of days but instead of a quilt it has been chickens :) I am stocking a new website called Dorothy and Theodore which is baby and child oriented and my chicken doorstops are a big part of that.

It launched today and has been very well put together. They are going for a much sleeker way of shopping and I only have one product on there with options to choose the fabric you want which does make it easier for the customer to find exactly what they want without wading through pages and pages of stuff they don't want! I'm going to show you the other fabrics available to buy there - all are exclusive to Dorothy and Theodore so you won't be able to buy elsewhere!

I only have 5 fabric options at the moment but have a nice pile of new fabrics waiting to be turned into chickens and all will be exclusive to Dorothy and Theodore. It's rather exciting to be able to offer an exclusive range! Oh and some (like the red,green and blue) are limited edition - I only have 10 of those available so if you spot something you like then grab it now :)

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Angel.Pearls said...

They're lovely! Congrats to the feature on the website!

Akamatra said...

Oh those are the cutest chickens ever!!! Congrats!!!

Wendy said...

Miffy fabric?? How cool is that!! Well done on the website, your chickens are fab.

lamina @ do a bit said...

I absolutely love those chickens... so cute :)

june at noon said...

Good for you, with the exclusive fabric and the new website!