Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bargain du jour!

We went to see some friends today over in a nearby town and on the way back I stopped at a charity shop to drop some stuff off that we had in the boot. That charity shop wasn't open but the one down the hill was so we dropped it off there.

These beauties were in the window and at 20p a pop for the adults and 10p for the children I had to buy them all :) So for the grand sum of £2.90 the girls have some new playmobil figures!

And these ones are my favourites l-r Pegleg Phil, Sid 'The Zombie' Skeleton and Pirate Jack :)


VintageVicki said...

Bargain :)

Love Playmobil :)

dropstitch said...

Awesome! Dulcie's granny (my mum) found her some Stickle Bricks in the charity shop today (a huge box for £1.50) just a day after I told her to look out for them. I love it when that happens - makes me want to go all Noel Edmonds and talk about charity/cosmic ordering :)