Monday, 4 February 2013

Mending Monday :)

I actually did some mending and adjusting on Friday but it's Monday now so I'm going with Mending Monday as my title :)  When I put the Christmas decorations away I found another bag of clothes that needed altering (some have been there for a couple of years!) So I decided to get busy and redo some of them.

I bought this skirt at a jumble sale two years ago and all it needed doing to it was the hem taking up. By 15cm but still, it was only a hem!

I decided to go fancy with the hem and did a triple hem :) I went very carefully and slowly so that it wouldn't wobble too much.

And here it is modelled - not a great photo but you get the gist!

This dress only needed the buttons changing on it - done in 5 minutes!

This dress was more of a problem. The patch you see in the photograph is a result of a previous Mending Monday but I'd developed two holes under the arms that were a cross shape. The dress is made of a light cotton so tears easily if a hole develops and that is what happened here. I LOVE this dress and have had it for about six years so I don't want it to break just yet. I mended the holes by lining them up as best I could, pinned a similar fabric behind the hole (right side out) and sewed like hell over the top of it with my machine! It has worked so far but I've already seen another small hole - better get to it before it develops into a much larger hole!

I also covered up a corporate label on a thick canvas bag that Matt got from a conference in December with some pretty fabric but I haven't taken a photo yet. It needs some pretty buttons and trim adding first.

Do you mend clothes? Do you alter clothes? Is your mending pile as large as mine?


dropstitch said...

I don't have a mending pile, as such, just a mental list of what needs mended from my wardrobe. I know what I'm like (procrastinator) so I tend to keep wearing things while I wait for myself to get fixing. That's why I can't raise my arms in any of my cardigans. I think I've only got one without a hole in at least one armpit. It's not so bad, just means I have to walk everywhere because I can't flag down taxis...

Terra the Reuser said...

I definitely mend-even for some of my friends. I just (also) procrastinate like you. I make a pile of all the things that need a little something and then try to do them all (most) at once. I love how it feels to have 3-4 "new" wardrobe items afterwards, though!