Monday, 25 February 2013

Snippets from last week

As I'm late for Sunday Snippets (again!) I thought I would just write a post about snippets from last week. All photos were taken on my phone and most were shared to Instagram :) I'm Swiryarts on there in case you want to find me!

We met Alice the hamster and had a good hold - just so that we could test to see how the girls would do with scurrying creatures for when we get our pet rats!

I sorted out a whole load of new packaging (with help from Matt) and I'm really pleased at how it came out. There will be pictures when I have everything done :)

We braved the snow to stand in line for a fill a bag jumble sale that we go to every year. My mum had just pulled Matt's beard in this photo hence the hilarity!

And these are three of the five bags we got at the aforementioned sale :) Not as many as in previous years though!

Anya suddenly looked very grown up this week - especially as she had on her skinny jeans and fabulous tank top :) Tank top not pictured although I will get her to pose for a photo soon.

And of course my press mention (which you may just have read about here!)

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Daisie said...

Anything good at the jumble?? x