Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Display boards!!

Things are slowly being ticked off the to do list for BCTF and one of the things I wanted to get done was display boards. Basically they are large boards with pictures of my work on so that buyers can see them over the crowds of people that will be in my booth! Ahem :)

They are A3 in size and will go up high on the walls of my booth.

They haven't photographed particularly well (the girls were facing the window and the lights were on!) but in real life the colours look great and 'pop'

Anya didn't want to hold them up hence the fake smile but I wanted her to! The boards are made of the same stuff that estate agents boards are made of - what I call corrugated plastic!

The hardest thing was choosing the images to go on there. Oh and bear in mind if you ever order these then they will need to be the correct size - so I had to send over images that were A3 in size. Luckily Matt knew exactly what to do to get them to the correct size and thus he avoided me throwing the laptop through the window in frustration :)

I used and their customer service was very good and when I asked them a question online they got back to me in 4 mins - now that is good customer service!

BCTF is starting to feel very real - now back to the to do list!