Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Introducing* Quilty!

Although he has been introduced before :) Just not with a voice and actions to match!

Tara thought it would be good for Quilty to have a voice and say hello and who am I to argue! She also thought it was funny when I mentioned that even though he is small, he might still qualify as a lap quilt.

Erm, maybe not! Quilty has grown ever so slightly since then and his wobbled bits from the video have been nipped and tucked. I'm slowly making more hexipuffs to be added to quilty but I need a sustained sewing session to get them all sewn on and it's not just happening. Good job it's a long term project hey!


Girl_Industries said...

Oh my goodness! Your voice sounds like my voice! I don't get to hear anyone with a "local" accent very often so I was quite taken aback! Also, great job, Tara and I love your cat top, it is brilliant.

WendyCarole said...