Thursday, 2 April 2009

Busy day

I managed to get all of the Cuteable posts for today written last night so I could spend most of the day in the craft room. I say most of the day as we had to go to Asda first thing after dropping Anya off at school - fun fun but it did enable to get the next two books in the Twilight series :) I have been busy making things to send to Jenny for the goodie bags she will be giving out at her craft fair. Jenny will be giving out 60 goodie bags and I have made enough stuff for each goodie bag to have some Swirly goodness! And the best bit is that I have been using up some of the stuff I have :) :) I made lots of sets of stickers - some postage stamp ones, some security envelope flower ones, some catalogue flower ones etc etc. I also made lots of mini envelopes and there are some sets of gift tags in there. I've also popped in 60 Cuteable business cards and 57 of my own. I need to make the last 3 business cards tomorrow plus a few more as I have none left in my pile of cards. Here's a picture of them all together.

And this is how thick a pile of 50 of my business cards is!

The girls liked the sunshine today and decided that they would get comfortable.

They took out the blankets and pillows and made themselves a bed outside in the sunshine!

It looks like fun!


Tizzalicious said...

I love your cards!

Jennifer Rose said...

that does look like fun! makes me want to do the same :)

Tip Top said...


karen said...

. I am having a stand at Jennys fair....hmmm...wonder if I can wangle a bag out of her!