Tuesday, 14 April 2009


My Mum and Dad came to visit us today as they both had the day off work - yeah!! They brought Easter eggs for the girls and Matt and I also got one too :) We had a cup of tea once they arrived and then went to the park - my Dad kept himself busy by running around after the girls - yep literally running which is not something that my Dad does too much! We then had lunch and went into town to have a wander and mooch around the charity shops. My mum spotted these two pictures in the charity shop and thought they would match the big eyed girl that is already in my craft room - I had to agree!

I love how they are obviously a pair but have different frames :) And at 50p each I couldn't pass them up! I also got a few other goodies for the girls but nothing supplies wise as it is still 'Use what I have month'. If you live in the UK then a good tip is that Poundland have Sharpies in stock - you can get a pack of 4 -3 black and 1 red or blue for £1. They also had some 3 other (brown, burgandy and black) in a set for a quid too. Can't go wrong at that price! Lots of hand sewing tonight so I will hopefully have something craft wise to show you tomorrow!


nifty thrifty said...

Hello fellow thrifter. I hereby announce that you have been awarded a Kreativ blogger award and the news is posted on my blog. http://niftythriftyloveliness.blogsot.com I've no dea what it is but I'm delighted to have been nominated myself and to pass it on to a fellow crafty blogger

Tizzalicious said...

You always find such great things!

Deanne said...

a £1 wow, i'm in town tmz will pop in and see if they have any here :)

i love making use of older things now and altering stuff :) love your blog such an inspiration :) x