Friday, 3 April 2009


Our bathroom has been in need of a curtain for a while as since the bathroom renovation the toilet has moved closer to the window! I didn't want anything heavy as the light that comes through the window is great. I grabbed a fabric sample book from Sams the other day (before the start of use what you have month!) and it had some fabulous sheer voile in it. Matt and I pulled the books to pieces which was very hard work with industrial glue and staples but we managed it in the end. And I'm glad we did as I would normally have cut the fabric and made it a lot smaller. As it turns out 6 squares are just the right size to cover the window!

I had to hang the curtain over the towel rail as the light coming through the window was too harsh and the colours didn't show through. It's also on it's side!

And this was my workspace this afternoon - the front step! I took advantage of our wireless internet and the fabulous sunshine to write some Cuteable posts.

And it's not a bad view I had either! The girls were playing and Matt was reading - I could get used to this weather!


CurlyPops said...

What a lovely front garden you have.

jennyflower said...

That looks totally idylic! Fabric sample books are ace huh? Thanks for the sneak peak at the parcel coming for the 'do' goodie bags.....will be watching out for postie. xxxxx

Ooty said...


Tweed Delights said...

Everyone looks very chilled out and relaxed - happy days : )!

Jennifer Rose said...

great idea for a curtain :) you have a lovely garden!