Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New style packaging

I am trying to have a big sort out in the craft room i.e. lots of stuff being used up, sold or given away and I have a huge pile of wallpaper pieces that I got from Sams. I do use it for making my mini matchbook notebooks (that incidentally are included free with each order from my shops!) but I still have a huge pile left over. In addition to this I have a very good friend who saves all her bubble envelopes for me. I usually just use scrap paper (school letters etc) to cover the address but it gets a bit boring. Cue new packaging!

The scraps of paper with the address on now go on top of this rather fancy paper :) I have to add that this idea is not mine (I received a package like this within the past year) but I have since re-used it and can't remember who the idea came from. If you know (or indeed are that person) then please do let me know as I would like to credit correctly. Doing this also means that I have a use for the blunt pinking shears I couldn't resist picking up in France at a car boot sale for 1 Euro! Its strangely therapeutic just to sit in front of the tv with a pile of wallpaper and match it to envelopes. I think I might be doing that this evening!


Ellie's Treasures said...

What a lovely idea - the envelopes look stunning. I'm always in two minds about re-using envelopes in case people feel put off by it, but I do like to try and be a bit "green" and hate waste. Perhaps I shouldn't be so worried. Elaine

odd.sox said...

They're brilliant! I get all the used jiffy's from work and stick scrap paper over all the address bits and you're right they do look boring. You're so clever - will definitely be adopting this idea - I'm all for recycling wherever poss!

june at noon said...

I think it looks great, fits very well with the types of things you sell. Well done to use up your supplies and make something pretty with them!