Sunday, 4 July 2010

Anya's new dress

At 6.30pm on Thursday night I decided that the girls needed new dresses. No thinking about the two Cuteable posts I had to write that evening nor the meeting I had the following morning that needed stock sorting for - no, I needed to make dresses! Well Tara's isn't finished yet. Actually I tell a lie as it is finished but only if she were a size smaller! So I have to rip out the side seams and add more fabric and I will hopefully get that done this week. Anya's dress is done however so here are some pictures :) I made the dresses out of some tie up pillow cases I had lying around - the ties are perfect as straps :)

The flowers are from Ikea and were on sale at 10p a pack (you got 5 different designs) so I think I grabbed a trolley full! They are crocheted, I think, and are nice and thick and easy to work with.

The trim around the top (it was going to go around the bottom but there wasn't quite enough) is from a vintage tray cloth. One of the tray cloths that was used to make some of the Nana chickens in fact.

She has declared it and winner and it has passed the skipping test which is her new current obsession - give her a rope and she is happy!

This will be my July entry into the Make a Month challenge!


Ooty said...

Very sweet:))

GiddyStuff said...

How lovely!The crochet flowers look really good. I can't wait for the Summer break so I can get some dressmaking done! I have about three WIP projects, plus ideas for new ones!

Beth said...

That dress is lovely. I love the thought of you suddenly being seized with the need to make them, as well, and not being able to do anything else!

How brilliant for the girls to wake up in the morning and have a surprise new dress.