Friday, 23 July 2010

Sports Day

I honestly thought that sports day would have been rained off earlier this week but it carried on despite there being a fair amount of rain. The action only stopped after half an hour as the skies opened and it looked like water was literally being poured out of buckets onto the children! Here are some shots of Anya in action - the last two show the amount of rain if you look carefully!

Hockey girl

I think she spotted me! Check out what the little boy next to her is doing :)

It went in!

Junior javelin

My schwartz is bigger than your schwartz!

Erm what do I do with this again?

Tara and friend pinched my umbrella so I got wet through!

Views of the whole field - and yes, it really was that dark and gloomy at the end. Oh and I wrestled the umbrella back :)

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twiggypeasticks said...

Ha ha so cute. Did the little boy win the nose picking contest :) Twiglets sports day was like that too. All the parents and grandparents sat under brollies, very hard to clap :)Hooray for Anya !!
Twiggy x