Thursday, 1 July 2010

Listing frenzy on Folksy!

Well more of a gentle trickle than a listing frenzy but you know what I mean! I have joined in with the July Jesters over in the Folksy forums and I will be listing 1 item (at least) per day in July. This will be great as I am always guilty of having lots of items photographed ready in my Flickr account and not having them up in any online shops and of course they can't sell if they aren't up anywhere!

I have listed these cute fairy gift tags for today and of course they are upcycled so get extra green points!

I won't be blogging every time I post something new as that will be boring for you but I will be showing off some of the items I list and maybe doing a few round up posts of mine and others items for sale :)

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