Friday, 16 July 2010

Nice post :)

I knew I was expecting a parcel from Curly Pops but wasn't sure when it would arrive all the way from Australia. It arrived today and to say I am thrilled with it is an understatement! I'd commented on a post of Cam's about Tim Tams and I had wondered what they were - Cam said she would send me some and I said I would reciprocate. Here's what I got :)

Some yummy delicious treats that are just for me (and maybe Matt too!) Tim Tams are quite a lot like Penguins for you UK folks but the biscuit of Tim Tams is a lot crispier and the chocolate tastes slightly different.

Along with the treats I got this lovely wrapped parcel.

Inside was my very own Curlypops brooch!!!!!!! My dodgy, taken at 8pm photo really doesn't do it justice.

And a chicken tea cosy :) How cool is that?

Alternatively it could be used as a foot warmer :)

Thanks so much Cam - I am thrilled. I hope my parcel to you isn't delayed much longer and that it doesn't get opened by customs.


CurlyPops said...

I'm so glad that it all arrived safe and sound! The tea cosy works perfectly as a foot warmer... maybe a new craft market..hee hee.
PS - Have you tried the vegemite on toast?

Kre8ive Life said...

What a great selection of Aussie goodies. Apart from the Tim Tims the CHOMP is a sentimental favourite lots of school yard childhood memories involve CHOMPS. What a fabulous parcel to recieve.... Also what a gorgeous CurlyPops brooch!

Lyn said...

Lucky you, what a lovely parcel!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Wow... The tea cozy is my fav. Have fun with the tim tams... I like to bite the diagonal ends off and use them as a straw in my hot chocolate... YUM!!

Xo Steph